What Kyrie Irving had to say about the most recent Celtics season

Jose Verdugo
Junio 13, 2018

Entering the playoffs, it seemed that Boston was destined for a early exit but the Celtics would win their first round series 4-3 over the Milwaukee Bucks and 4-1 over the Philadelphia 76ers in the semifinals.

Kyrie Irving, like many other stars, relishes the bright lights that Madison Square Garden can bring to his career, as the mecca of basketball - but the Knicks' best chances are to avoid negotiations with Ainge and choose the straight path, making Irving a substantial offer he can't refuse.

"Well, I mean, I know that question is going to come up a lot over the next year, just based upon where my deal is".

Unfortunately for Boston, the injury bug would strike again as Irving would be lost for the rest of the season on March 11. He raved about Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, then noted how Marcus Smart gave up his body and "that's the type of attitude and effort you'd love to be part of". And then when they were afforded the opportunity to take the reins of the team, you saw them take full advantage of it.

That's the group Irving will lead next year, and it's the group he could lead for the foreseeable future, if he decides to remain in Boston.

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Irving won't sign the max extension for which he is eligible this summer - logically and financially, it would make little sense, and he confirmed his plan to hit unrestricted free agency on Tuesday. He didn't like the fact that he was the second option on the team behind LeBron James, and felt like he was undervalued by the Cavaliers coaching staff and management.

"We're all competitors", he said. However, do the Cavaliers want to be the team Irving deserts following the season? "For sure. And young guys that literally have that drive, they have that desire to be great".

Irving was a key part of Boston's season, where they finished with the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.

That's what Irving wants to talk about now. And, you know, that time will arise and when it does, I think I'll have a better, clear, concise, answer for a lot of people that are going to ask. "I think around this time is probably 15 weeks until the third week in September -- not that I'm thinking about it or anything - so I'm excited to just really utilize this offseason to dedicate myself to my craft and things outside of it", he said. The bad takeaway is he isn't talking about an extended future with the Celtics.

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