Uber patent could detect how drunk you are when ordering a ride

Galtero Lara
Junio 13, 2018

The application, which was published on June 7, outlines a system where artificial intelligence is used to determine "uncharacteristic user states". The system relies on an algorithm to weigh a variety of factors, including typos, how precise a user clicks on links and buttons, the speed at which the user is walking, and how long it takes to request a ride. And you'd imagine that any driver agreeing to pick up passengers at these times is already well-aware of what to expect.

CNN uncovered the patent, called "Predicting user state using machine learning".

Users that are drunk may also be presented with an alternative, easy-to-use version of the app.

UBER will soon be able to figure out if a customer is drunk - even before they climb into one of their rides.

Uber is working to detect if the person requesting a ride is drunk before the driver gets there, according to this patent.

Uber is all set to introduce the new app that will alert passengers whether the driver is drunk or not.

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Still, it is not hard to imagine that a driver with a new, shiny, upholstered vehicle might think twice about picking up a passenger they know to be sloshed.

If there are no drivers with expertise in such matters available, the drunk passengers could be denied service.

Take a look at these Uber incidents below.

The measure seems counterintuitive as many inebriated people use the taxi-app firm's services to safely get back home after a wild night out.

Theoretically, knowing whether a passenger is intoxicated or exhausted would not result in the fare being denied, but would rather lead to the passenger being paired with a more experienced driver, Uber says. According to a recent CNN investigation, at least 103 Uber drivers have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing passengers in just the past four years.

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