Trump gives Kim Jong Un a glimpse into 'The Beast'

Evarado Alatorre
Junio 13, 2018

The leaders met Tuesday for a historic summit that Trump had touted in recent weeks as a chance for the pair to get to know one another.

But the apparent showing off was brought to an abrupt halt moments later when the same aide quickly shut the door of the Beast and ushered Trump as well as Kim away from the presidential auto.

Trump said: "It's going great".

'We had a really fantastic meeting.

While this was Kim Jong-un's first such meeting in front of a pool of photographers and worldwide journalists, he appeared to be very at east in the situation while both he and Donald Trump seemed to embrace the positive spirit of the moment.

'A lot of progress - better than anything could have expected.

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Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are now in a private meeting in the historic Capella Hotel in Singapore. Top of the line.

The North Korea leader added that the "world would see a major change".

But Kim did not respond to press questions on whether he would give up nuclear weapons, Mediaite reported, while President Trump stated he looked forward to lifting sanctions on the isolated nation.

Speaking at a press conference after the signing, President Trump also suggested the USA would suspend its joint-military exercises with South Korea in exchange for denuclearization, calling them "very provocative".

"The sanctions will come off when we are sure the nukes are no longer a factor", The Guardian reported Trump saying.

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