South Koreans skeptical about peace after summit

Evarado Alatorre
Junio 13, 2018

Dennis broke down in tears during an interview with CNN on Monday, saying President Trump was "proud of him" for his role in helping to facilitate the historic meeting with the North Korean ruler in Singapore.

Rodman traveled to North Korea again in June 2017.

It also seemed to leave officials completely off guard in South Korea, where the presence of USA troops has always been described as necessary to maintaining peace on the peninsula. He said things like if they can move the (inaudible?) [ I think he said ships] back from South Korea I will do what I have to do to listen.

And I believe in North Korea, but when I go home, I can't even go home. I knew it. I was the only one.

Speaking about the military exercises, Corker told Reuters: "I don't know if that's an agreement or an ad hoc statement that was made".

Towards the end of the interview, Rodman - who called Jong-un "a good friend" - chose to thank a number of the people who had supported him, with the list including Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.

When Cuomo asked why he chose North Korea, Rodman admitted he was "naive" when he first went over but said he "fell in love" with the country.

Dennis Rodman greets North Korean athletes at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on June 15, 2017.

Watch the moment from 12:40 below.

After the exhibition, Rodman stood to address the crowd. Trump said he has no plans to decrease the number of US troops in the South as part of security assurances for the North, but he left open the possibility that he will do so in the future.

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Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis (center) speaks to the media as South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo (right) looks on during a visit to the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), on the border between North and South Korea, on October 27, 2017.

That trip took a controversial turn when, after the exhibition, Rodman stepped onto the court to lead the crowd and players in bowing and singing "Happy Birthday" to Kim.

Get exclusive fiat and cryptocurrency analysis on for just $39 per month. "If you understand what Kenneth Bae did", he said. "So that tells you. Why is he held captive here in this country, why?" North Korea released Bae later that week.

Rodman traveled to North Korea several times in 2013 and 2014 for basketball exhibitions and met with Kim and other top people in the regime multiple times.

He said that Kim is "very smart" and a "good negotiator".

Rodman had endorsed Trump's campaign for the presidency two years earlier, in July 2015.

It's a weird one, to be sure, and for lots of people on Twitter, it's all more proof that 2018 is just a little too out there, and none of us can get off the ride.

Rodman said he wants to stay out of politics, but that his attempts to establish a connection on a human level perhaps played some role in making the Trump-Kim summit possible. "It's not my day". "This is the world's day".

After the summit, Rodman took to Twitter to share a photo with former homeland security advisor Tom Bossert.

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