Corker: GOP becoming 'cult-like' on Trump

Evarado Alatorre
Junio 13, 2018

I would bet that 95 percent of the people on this side of the aisle support intellectually this amendment. But, no, the United States Senate right now, on June the 12th, is becoming a body where, 'Well, we'll do what we can do, but, my gosh, if the president gets upset with us then we might not be in the majority.

President Trump used the national security exception in levying 25 percent tariffs on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, causing Canada to angrily highlight how the two countries had fought shoulder-to-shoulder and the US was now calling its northern neighbor a national security risk. I would bet that.

"I think it's ridiculous people can't vote on amendments. We can't do that because we'd be upsetting the president, the president of the United States'".

"I was asked to find a solution to this "blue slip" issue, and I found one that's used as customarily as waking up in the morning and drinking a cup of coffee". So gosh, we can't vote on the Corker amendment because, we're taking rightly so, the responsibilities that we to do with tariffs and revenues. Corker said he asked for unanimous consent to place the current NDAA text on a House-passed revenue shell. But even as he called for the Republicans to simply give his amendment an up-or-down vote, he acknowledged that there's no way it will actually happen.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) ripped his colleagues on the Senate floor today for blocking a vote on his amendment to the defense reauthorization bill that would restore congressional oversight on the president's tariff decisions in which he bypasses lawmakers by citing national security. If his unanimous consent agreement had been adopted, nothing else related to the NDAA or where the Senate now is in the process would have changed. But the senator leading the defense debate, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, said Tuesday he wouldn't go along because it risked holding up Pentagon funding and wasn't directly related.

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Fixing Imbalances: "When it comes to trade - including trade with some of our closest allies - America isn't being treated fairly and hasn't been for some time". He is a business guy who spent his career successfully negotiating deals all over the world.

Approach Is Working: "As we've seen in his personal career and his presidential career over the last 15 months - with NATO, South Korea, and at the historic summit in North Korea - President Trump's approach is working".

Quit Jeopardizing Credibility: "It's remarkably shortsighted for politicians to complicate the situation with this ZTE Amendment".

"There's no question that leadership in general is wary of doing anything that might upset the president".

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