Facebook announces Memories, brings all of your moments together in one place

Ceria Alfonso
Junio 12, 2018

Facebook's Memories feature is available through the "more" tab in the bottom right of the mobile app or under the Memories bookmark to the left of the News Feed on your computer. If this encourages you to get back in touch with an old friend or to reminisce about your partner, Facebook has likely achieved its goals.

The world's largest social network on Monday announced a new feature created to serve as a single destination for reflecting on past moments shared with friends and family.

If you use Facebook, then you're likely already familiar with the On This Day feature, which brings up posts, photos, or life events to help remind you of the good or amusing times (though it can sometimes backfire).

Memories are really powerful. It will have a section for what your friends also did or posted on the same day.

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Facebook is going to consolidate all of your moments into a single, convenient place that it calls Memories, both on desktop and mobile.

Facebook Memories will include more than just what happened On This Day a year or more ago.

Friends Made On This Day: A list of friends you made on this date in the past, including special videos or collages that celebrate your friendversaries.

Memories, however, can also be powerfully negative and can surface painful emotions as well. They will at least give users options to provide feedback, but that might be just after the fact.

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