Ayesha Curry accuses a Rockets fan of harassing her after Game 5

Esequiel Farfan
May 28, 2018

Tensions were high at Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors, led by Ayesha's husband Steph, and the Houston Rockets.

'The Comment Was Never Made Towards You I Meant The Team, I Didnt Know You Were Pregnant I Don't Keep Up With The Currys, ' Carmago said. I should've got him in the face instead of saving his life by removing the cigarette he was swinging around in my face. "Wish there was full footage".

After a nail-biting finish that ended in the Rockets winning, which forced a Game 6, Ayesha Curry had a particularly unpleasant run-in with a Rockets fan.

A Rockets fan posted a video on Twitter of what began as good natured trash talk after the big win. "She's all bitter and sour!"

Curry appears to brush off the fan but they then continue to torment Curry yelling at her again saying, "Look at her". She's all bitter and sour. "Look at her! She's being all rude", before he walked into her direction.

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The video was posted with the caption: "HAHAHAHAHA @ayeshacurry HEY SAVE THAT SALT FOR YOUR SH--Y COOKING SHOW!" "And continued to follow me and taunt me with his camera is beyond me...but 'This is America" right".

Curry later said Rockets fans were "wonderful", and that "it's just this man and a few others", according to the paper.

The first four months of Ayesha's pregnancy were incredibly tough to contend with as she had hyperemesis gravidarum which is severe morning sickness.

But Ayesha claims the video doesn't show the entire Bump that went down. They announced that they are expecting their third child in February.

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