Fight breaks out between passengers on American Airlines flight to Miami

Galtero Lara
May 27, 2018

Chaos broke out on a plane, after witnesses said a flight attendant wouldn't give a passenger more beer.

"You need to please sit down, I'm not bringing you more beers", a flight attendant said during one video.

A fight between two passengers on an American Airlines flight headed to Miami International Airport from Saint Croix on Wednesday was captured on film by at least one of the passengers.

In a series of videos, the flight attendant is trying to calm down Felix and attempts to have him sit down for the remainder of the flight.

Passenger Bill Bolduc recorded the situation that he says lasted more than an hour.

Felix refused to calm down and can be heard calling a passenger a "f*ggot".

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An American Airlines passenger was arrested after he started cursing and throwing punches at a flight attendant on a flight from St. Croix to Miami.

Felix was charged with interference with flight crew member and attendants.

News of the fight has now turned into an unsettling story for people about to take flight.

But Bolduc said passengers should actually find comfort in how well the flight crew responded.

Felix was busted when the flight landed in Miami, and faces federal charges of interfering with a flight crew.

American Airlines said in a statement they were proud of the way their employees handled the situation.

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