Become Human Launch Trailer Has Landed

Ceria Alfonso
May 27, 2018

Development studio Quantic Dream has released the launch trailer for its upcoming interactive story game Detroit: Become Human. For a closer look at the game before its release, you can check out the first of the game's four short films below, and you still have time to pre-order the game before its launch via Amazon.

Once you've played through Detroit: Become Human, that woman from the menu screen right at the beginning who greets you in a disarmingly friendly manner appears once again. This time, we have two new videos for two androids we will encounter, Chloe and Luther.

The first android to pass the Turing Test. The game takes place in a future where androids are a regular sight in society, acting both as personal, household assistants and taking over the workforce.

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In the first of three short films that will be revealed one-per-day over the next three days, leading up to the release of Detroit: Become Human, CyberLife creator Elijah Kamski makes a rare public appearance to give an exclusive tour of a CyberLife facility to a reporter. In his short, his voice actor, Jua Amir Tutein, sings "Hold On (Just a Little While Longer)".

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Become Human is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4 on May 25. These links leave Siliconera.

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