Vevo is shutting down its website and apps to focus on YouTube

Esequiel Farfan
May 26, 2018

"We will continue to be the primary seller of Vevo-specific advertising on all distribution platforms - including the sponsorship of video premieres". Often, those videos come from Vevo - a service jointly owned by top music labels and by Google, YouTube's parent company.

Popular video hosting service Vevo has chose to pull the plug on all the mobile apps as well as the website and focus just on YouTube.

"At Vevo, our objective is to grow the commercial and promotional value of music videos, fostering deep connections between artists and fans". If you're a Vevo user then you can use a playlist tool to import their Vevo playlists to YouTube. Should YouTube Music fail to succeed on a massive scale, expect more "strategic shifts" at Vevo, including unexpected resignations and sudden dismissals. Moving forward, it appears that Vevo will focus on selling ads against its YouTube videos and invest in original content.

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Vevo has been pushing its own website and apps as a YouTube competitor, and engineers in the Portland office have been adding features. Last summer then CEO Erik Huggers said Vevo was "always pursuing deals with other platforms" as well as looking at ways to "improve our relationship with YouTube". It'll also keep producing original content in "new formats" that Vevo plans "to roll out shortly".

Vevo's announcement today underscores the platform's failure to diversify its product offering and build its own viable music video platform.

"Connecting artists to new audiences, while helping tell their stories, and growing an advertising-based revenue stream that benefits all of our partners, are key considerations that drive how we develop and adapt our business", the blog post stated.

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