Rosenstein Will Let Congress See 'Highly Classified' Information, White House Says

Evarado Alatorre
May 22, 2018

The White House said Monday that top FBI and Justice Department officials have agreed to meet with congressional leaders and "review" highly classified information the lawmakers have been seeking as they scrutinize the handling of the Russian Federation investigation.

"The principle here that the American people have a right to know what happened, the people's Congress ought to have the ability to review those materials in a timely way, is a principle we adhere to in this White House", Pence said.

Trump's broadside came shortly before the swearing-in of Gina Haspel as the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency, where he introduced her as "a very special person", uniquely qualified to lead "the most elite intelligence professionals on the planet Earth".

Some Republican lawmakers have demanded sensitive internal documents they say will show the investigation into Russian meddling and whether anyone close to Trump colluded in it was tainted by improper actions long before the appointment a year ago of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That Obama put a spy inside the Trump campaign, to frame Trump? The Times wrote the meeting involved loyal Trump associates, including the president's eldest son and former Blackwater head Erik Prince, and officials representing the United Arab Emirates who offered to help Trump's campaign.

It was as president that Trump pressed Justice Department and FBI officials to share with his congressional allies highly classified information about the investigation and an informant's role, said the president's lawyer.

Even though Trump was criticized for inappropriately intervening in Justice Department affairs, the president's reelection campaign saw the order as an opportunity for a new fundraising initiative. But the regulations contemplate that a special counsel could, in appropriate circumstances, depart from Justice Department policy.

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The weekend fusillade ended Sunday with Trump tweeting he would order the Justice Department to investigate his unsubstantiated claim, a move experts described as unprecedented.

In a statement after the meeting, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Justice Department had asked its inspector general to look into "any irregularities. concerning the Trump Campaign" and agreed to a meeting with congressional leaders to "review highly classified and other information they have requested". "His "demand" DOJ investigate something they know to be untrue is an abuse of power, and an effort to distract from his growing legal problems".

Philip Mudd, former deputy director, FBI's National Security Branch and senior intelligence advisor.

The Justice Department probe was launched in March, partly at the request of Congressional Republicans, to review whether Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department officials had abused their powers to justify monitoring Carter Page, a former campaign adviser to Trump.

But in this case, he said, he can not understand the Justice Department's opposition to releasing the name.

Sunday was not the first time that Trump accused his predecessor of politically motivated activity against him.

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