Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 will feature Bixby 2.0

Ceria Alfonso
May 18, 2018

Looking ahead, Samsung is planning to roll out an upgraded version of its artificial intelligence platform, Bixby 2.0, and it will reportedly arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 9 sometime in the second half of this year (presumably in the fall).

Speaking at a media day for Samsung Home IoT and Bixby (viaYonhap), he said that the company needs more than one thousand engineers to be able to develop the company's vision of AI. He went on to say that Bixby 2.0 will offer enhanced features like improved natural language processes, enhanced noise resistance capability and much faster response times. It then called a restaurant and attempted to make a reservation. It was both impressive and a little creepy, and gave us a glimpse of where AI is headed.

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Gray G. Lee, the head of the AI Centre under Samsung Research, has confirmed in an interview with the Korean Herald that the company's next phone will feature an advanced Bixby platform. To further improve its AI platform and technologies, Samsung will continue to set up AI centers in different parts of the world and will also seek mergers and acquisitions of promising AI companies.

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