'I hear covfefe:' White House weighs in on Yanny vs. Laurel debate

Ceria Alfonso
May 18, 2018

The White House posted a video of various members of the Trump administration, including daughter Ivanka Trump and vice president Mike Pence, revealing what they hear the ear-teaser say.

The great "Laurel or Yanny" debate may have been responsible for provoking online arguments and souring friendships, but a new viral audio recording threatens to dethrone it as this week's most mind-boggling viral mystery.

"What do you hear?"

A short explanation people's brain's perceive pitch and frequency differently and depending on the person you'll hear a different word.

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The audio meme has now circled the entire internet, and even your most out-of-touch friends have posted what they heard.

Sara, it's been reported you hear Laurel. "All I hear is Yanny", responded Sarah Sanders.

We assume that the same phenomenon that powered Yanny vs Laurel is at work here: Both words are "present" within the sound clip, but each word is stronger at different frequencies. "That's why some people may be able to switch between the two". That's obviously the right answer and I can't believe there's anyone on the other side of this debate, but I guess some people have poor hearing from years of head-banging at metal shows.

But, you have some closure to know what the original recording said. Don't you have more important things to deal with?

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