Eight Million Cars In Europe To Get Mobileye Self-Driving Tech

Galtero Lara
May 18, 2018

Neither financial terms, nor the name of the European carmaker, were disclosed. Automakers alone have generally lagged behind developing these new technologies. Erez Dagan, senior vice president for advanced development and strategy at Mobileye, has stated that EyeQ4 will be launching within the next several weeks.

Through this collaboration, the BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye plan to provide an autonomous vehicle platform that can be flexible and adoptable for integration by multiple automakers.

There are now roughly 27 million cars from 25 different automakers that used some type of advanced driver-assist systems, with Mobileye making up more than 70 percent of the market share.

"By the end of 2019, we expect over 100,000 Level 3 cars with Mobileye installed", Shashua told Reuters. "Level 3" cars are self-driving, but can be manually driven if the self-driving system fails.

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According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), level 3 autonomy is defined as a system that can safely control all aspects of driving in a mapped environment.

Among the companies now working with Mobileye to include its technology in their vehicles are General Motors, Honda, Audi and Fiat Chrysler.

Mobileye says that while its Level 4 systems will start production in 2021, many of its technologies are relevant to creating systems that may soon be purchased by consumers. Amnon Shashua, the co-founder and CEO of Mobileye, said the company has started testing its self-driving cars on highways around Jerusalem in recent months. On Wednesday, Calcalist reported that Mercedes-Benz is also preparing to test its autonomous vehicle on public roads in Israel later this year, pending regulatory approval. In the future, the system will observe other drivers on the road and after a certain amount of time adapts to driving conditions ...

One issue in designing self-driving cars is how to define what is a unsafe situation. "We would like to formalize these things in advance to allow machines not to get into unsafe situations to begin with".

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