Commonwealth Games over-stayers told 'hand yourself in' by Australian Attorney

Jose Verdugo
May 18, 2018

Australian Border Force officers are trying to track down worldwide Commonwealth Games athletes and officials who have breached their visa conditions.

The Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has threatened to deport any overseas athletes who outstay their competition visa conditions.

Cameroon athletes who remain in Australia from left to right, top to bottom: Fokou Arsene, Fotsala Simplice, Matam Matam Olivier Heracles, Ndiang Christelle, Fouodji Arcangeline Sonkbou, Ndzie Tsoye Christian, Yombo Ulrich, Minkoumba Petit David.

"Then we can determine if it's a legitimate claim and whether we owe protection under our worldwide obligations".

He goes on to urge people to focus less on the exact numbers, and more on the process Australia has for assessing claims for asylum, noting his belief that pollies bandying around blanket threats of deportation are just "playing politics".

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Phil Glendenning, the Refugee Council of Australia president, said that the...

Back in April, we heard that at the conclusion of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games that 8 athletes from Cameroon had gone missing.

Reports this week indicated that some of the 11 had been granted bridging visas to stay in Australia, though the athletes were not named so it is unknown whether some, or indeed all, are Ugandan.

"If you're a person from a relatively safe country but you claim persecution for political reasons we need to take all that into consideration", he said. "Since their visas expired on May 15th, the government of Australia should look for them and put them on the next flights back home if they can not come back by themselves", Bakkabulindi told KweséESPN.

The issue comes after 45 athletes and officials also overstayed their visas and 26 people sought asylum in Australia after the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

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