Passenger arrested after trying to break into plane at Melbourne airport

Galtero Lara
May 17, 2018

An "irate" passenger who reportedly missed his scheduled flight was arrested at Melbourne Airport on Thursday after attempting to break into a Jetstar Airways plane. After several failed attempts, he started to bash the door with his feet.

The aircraft was not travelling to the man's original destination.

"Someone was running on the tarmac".

Witnesses say the man climbed halfway up the stairs to the plane's door before being restrained by baggage handlers, but then managed to reach the plane itself.

One witness, Susannah Murray, told Nine News how she saw the man "physically fighting with the staff".

A spokesperson for the airline said baggage handlers went "above and beyond".

The federal police showed up a few minutes later and took him out.

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Australian Federal Police then showed up and escorted the man back through the gate.

Jetstar confirmed the passenger assaulted its crew and breached security access to the tarmac before staff restrained him about 9.30am.

AFP officers have taken the man into custody but charges are yet to be laid.

The alleged attack resulted in two Jetstar employees being left with physical injuries.

It is understood the man become aggressive and physical when he was told he was hours late for his flight by Jetstar staff.

"This behaviour is unacceptable and we have placed an immediate ban on this passenger travelling on all Jetstar and Qantas flights", Jetstar said in a statement. According to a report in The Age, the man crawled into the baggage area and into a security zone.

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