Only for India, Facebook rolls out fresh updates for stories

Federico Mansilla
May 17, 2018

The Facebook Camera will allow users to save their shots online.

Users can now save the photos and videos they capture from the Facebook camera. You won't have to use up your previous phone storage, and for the typical low-end devices which are sold in EMEA regions, storage is a precious commodity indeed.

Facebook Camera is also getting an Audio option which can be used to share voice messages as Voice Posts. After research, Facebook is now introducing three new features to help its users make better use of the stories feature which include saving photos and videos for later, posting voice posts through stories and archiving stories so that users can relive the memories at a later date. However, the social media giant will roll out the feature on its Android app in the coming months but there is no word on the availability on its iOS app. He was referring to Alexa, Google Home, and other smart home speakers, but it seems Facebook heard him as well, as the platform is gearing up to introduce voice posts for Stories.

Facebook unquestionably "borrowed" liberally from Snapchat when launching Stories.

"We are always working on ways to improve the experience of viewing Stories on all types of connections, and have been investing here - especially on our FB Lite app".

Have you ever wondered just how much "bad stuff" goes up on Facebook, and how the platform enforces its Community ...

The Facebook Camera will allow users to save their shots online
The Facebook Camera will allow users to save their shots online

Saving isn't the only area where Facebook is making tweaks to Stories, though.

WhatsApp Stories now counts 450 million daily active users, while Instagram Stories has racked up 300 million daily active users.

Since then, it has released a number of updates to try and attract more users to the product.

The feature is located at the top of the page below notifications and above the trending news links. The difference between their archives and Facebook's is the latter automatically saves your Stories, so you'll never lose pics you wanted to save. And while Instagram's Stories are now more popular than Snapchat's, neither has really transcended the basic concept which earned the original so much acclaim.

This feature works just like Snapchat Stories - users add lively elements and it disappears in 24 hours.

Again, users selfies and videos and add lively filters, effects and masks that vanish within 24 hours.

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