Microsoft unveils its clever new Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities

Ceria Alfonso
May 17, 2018

At Microsoft, we believe in empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. "We realize that this is only one step along our journey of inclusive design and that we have more work ahead", Spencer said.

Beyond supporting a wide range of devices, the Adaptive Controller is created to be reconfigured at a moment's notice - that way, it can be used by people with different kinds of disabilities and specific needs, and they can experiment with various configurations to find what works best for them, and for different games. In addition to working with common adaptive switches that gamers with limited mobility may already own, it has two large buttons built in.

Microsoft is trying to make gaming more accessible with its upcoming Xbox Adaptive Controller, which lets you plug in an array of peripherals that players with limited mobility can use more easily than a standard gamepad. We couldn't be prouder to have their support in introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Additionally, the Xbox Adaptive Controller supports external inputs from a range of third-party manufacturers, including PDP, Logitech, and Quadstick (you can see a full list here). More recommended partner devices can be found here. You can also find compatible foot pedals and one-handed joysticks to use with the Adaptive Controller. "On our journey of inclusive design, we have taken a wider view of our fans and a more inclusive approach to designing for them".

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Photos of the new device leaked online earlier this week but Microsoft unveiled it officially through their blog.

At $99.99 United States dollars and available exclusively through Microsoft Store, the Xbox Adaptive Controller will offer significant value over the customized alternatives that exist today.

We'll report back more on the controller as more is known. The controller will be available later this year and priced at $100 Dollars, exclusive to the Microsoft Store.

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