Microsoft bans advertisements related to cryptocurrency products from its search engine, Bing

Federico Mansilla
May 17, 2018

The updated financial products and services policy will go into effect globally in June, and enforcement will roll out in late June or early July.

Bing has followed in the footsteps of search giant Google by implementing a ban on adverts for cryptocurrencies.

With this decision it becomes the latest domino to fall, if by domino we mean "advertising platform" and by fall we mean "decide to ban cryptocurrency advertising". "Since cryptocurrency unregulated, they pose an elevated risk to Bing users and the general internet users with the potential for bad actors to engage in bad behavior or even scam consumers".

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Yesterday, Bing announced that it will no longer accept advertising for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-related products, and unregulated binary options. "We are always evaluating our policies to ensure a safe and engaging experience for our Bing users and the digital advertising ecosystem". These include Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, and investments in which it's necessary to add other participants.

Facebook made a similar ban last January. "That said, there are many companies who are advertising binary options, ICOs, and cryptocurrencies that are not now operating in good faith". Bing Ads also disallows "ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, or other legally questionable business opportunities, particularly if returns on investment rely exclusively on adding participants to the scheme or the consumer must pay a subscription fee or buy a specific product to join, and the value proposition of doing so is undefined", according to a post on the company's financial products and services policies page.

Google further targeted initial coin offerings and startups that generated cash through ICOs, citing many ventures that have garnered funds through this method only to just walk away with the earnings. The ban will also be applicable to binary options related advertisements. Post your comments below.

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