Here's a Rage 2 gameplay trailer to inject into your eyes

Federico Mansilla
May 17, 2018

Back in 2011, Rage was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and it was. fine.

With this in mind, many will be glad to see that Rage 2 will not follow suit of so many other games and will instead leave loot boxes out. The reason why? They want people to play the game longer.

Violence and mayhem has taken over the world in the first gameplay trailer for publisher Bethesda Softworks' upcoming first-person shooter sequel, Rage 2.

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Although Rage 2 was initially marketed with a serious tone, showing off many elements of the original game: Mad Max-style vehicles, weird mutants of varied size, and some unique clans fighting among one another, it really is a different world this time around.

Cut to another seven days later, and it turns out that it was totally true, as we have our first look at the Rage 2 gameplay, and to be honest, it looks pretty great.

While the announcement of Rage 2 is definitely one of 2018's biggest video game surprises, we won't actually get to play the game ourselves until the vague release window of "Q2 2019".

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