'Fortnite' Week 3 challenges, rubber duck locations

Ceria Alfonso
May 17, 2018

At 9am United Kingdom today, Fortnite was meant to go offline for maintenance to update to patch 4.2, but many gamers noticed that never happened. There's some weird markings on the back of it too, but no one can figure out what they are all about.

There's no word from Epic Games as to whether this is an issue that's being worked on, but knowing the studio it won't be long until there's some news, or a patch.

That hasn't stopped some fans from trying to crack the mystery, though. So far, each week required players to search for certain objects throughout the map.

The challenge requires players to find all ten rubber ducks located at those spots, but there are surely more rubber ducks scattered throughout the map.

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Usually this would be a nice easy challenge to kick things off, with Match Replays available from the Career Tab of the main Battle Royale screen.

In order to get through all the ranks all the way to 100, it will take some serious grinding, but the weekly challenges are the fastest way to boost through the tiers, offering bonus XP and battle stars. Players can avoid most of the big buildings on the map and walk toward a body of water to find a rubber duck.

All you need to do is revive 5 players during Duo or Squads matches.

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