Dad of 10 charged with domestic violence in 2011

Ceria Alfonso
May 17, 2018

All of this allegedly took place inside a bright, gable-roofed, four-bedroom house that looks from the outside as well-kept as the rest of those on the cul-de-sac.

Police arrested a mother and a father after they say ten children were rescued from "horrible" living conditions. She did not enter a plea, but has denied allegations her kids were abused and Tuesday told reporters she was an "amazing mother".

Rogers said she works the graveyard shift as an EKG technician at a heart monitoring company and her husband is a tattoo artist. "I am an awesome mother".

The Turpins were exposed earlier this year after their 17-year-old daughter escaped the family's home and called the police.

Meanwhile, Ina Rogers, 30, and Allen have denied abusing their children.

The matter unfolded March 31 when the oldest child, a 12-year-old boy described as developmentally delayed with the capacity of an 8-year-old, disappeared from his house in the 2000 block of Fieldstone Court. On Wednesday, the judge indicated that Rogers had tried to contact her children in violation of court orders, which was part of the consideration in setting bail.

The boy was eventually found sleeping under a bush in a neighbour's yard, police said.

Once they found the child, they searched the home due to concerns for the safety and health of the other children. Officers said the home was filled with rotting food, feces and trash. The children have since moved in with family members.

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When she was later asked why all 10 children slept in a single room while the other bedrooms were used as the parents' quarters, a "meditation room" and a playroom, Rogers replied that the children liked it that way.

Investigators believe nine of the 10 children were abused. She was taken into custody with bail set at $495,000.

The maternal grandmother of 10 California children recently removed from their Fairfield home claimed the children "lived in torture" and accused their father of sadism and devil worship.

A California mother of 10 children who officials say suffered long-term abuse returned to court to face new charges of felony child abuse. He has pleaded not to seven counts of torture and nine counts of felony child abuse and was being held on $5.2 million bail.

The search led to further investigation and interviews with the children that Chief Deputy District Attorney Sharon Henry told reporters caused her to be horrified. "We have the children first and foremost in our minds". She's now free on $10,000 bail.

"On a continuous basis the children were getting punched, strangled, bitten, shot with weapons such as crossbows and bb guns, hit with weapons such as sticks and bats, subjected to "waterboarding" and having scalding water poured on them", Juarez wrote. "There's no broken bones, there is no major scars, nothing". "Rogers" family, including her brother and sister, sat in shock during the hearing. Parents who teach their own children are required to register with the state, but the state does not approve, monitor or inspect them.

"The children described incidents of intentional abuse resulting in puncture wounds, burns, bruising and injuries consistent with being shot with a BB or air soft type gun", the lieutenant said.

Allen's mother, Peggy Allen, told the AP she had spoken to her son about the importance of housekeeping and Christian values - but that Allen avoided her and kept his relatives away from the children.

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