Florida Teacher Drowned Raccoons In Class, Gets Suspended And Is Under Investigation

Ceria Alfonso
May 16, 2018

Marion County, Florida, teacher Dewie Brewton was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday while officials investigate allegations that he drowned trapped raccoons with student participation during school hours, the Ocala Star Banner reported. "It's awful. It still does make me sick to my stomach", she said, according to Channel9. The cell phone video shows the raccoons in a cage being immersed in water in a trash can and drowning in front of the class.

"One of the raccoons ate a chicken that they were raising so the teacher pinned the raccoons, caught them in cages, took the cages, filled up large trash cans full of water and had the children drown the raccoons in the cages inside the water". The student who shot the video claims the teacher threatened anyone who recorded the drownings with a referral.

In one video, students can be seen pouring water into the raccoon's cage as it sits in the garbage bin.

'[My son] knew while it was happening that it was wrong, so he did it anyway and stood behind people hiding, taking pictures and videos, ' she said.

In a statement, the Marion County School Board said: "While law enforcement tells us the teacher may not have done anything illegal, his actions before students are certainly questionable".

Image source WKMG-TV video screenshot
Image source WKMG-TV video screenshot

'The district is determining the status of the teacher at this moment'.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the way the raccoons were killed.

Dewie Brewton has been placed on administrative leave from Forest High School in Ocala after a freshman student leaked the shocking footage.

It is unclear whether or not the teacher, who has not yet been identified, will be facing any criminal charges for the incident. "They should have trapped the animal and had somebody take them and relocate the animals", a parent told WKMG.

'He has spent late nights, weekends and has provided around the clock support for his club and for his school'. The raccoons did not drown easily, the student said. She said her child came home in tears and was yelling and angry over what happened to the animals. Whether it is a raccoon or (another animal) you just don't torture an animal and kill it like that.

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