Battlefield V will be revealed next week

Federico Mansilla
May 16, 2018

The Live Reveal will be via Stream and will be hosted by Trevor Noah.

Check back with us next week for more information and details on Battlefield V. Are you excited? "Tune in on May 23 for a first look into how your epic journey with Battlefield V will be".

According to rumors that correctly pegged the title as Battlefield V, this next entry is supposedly set during WWII, much like last year's Call of Duty. Battlefield V will head to "another frontline", dropping the previous game's WW1 setting. "Because of this, we suggest not even blinking during the Battlefield V Live Reveal". But the tweet describes it as "V EXCITING!" and at the end of the video, he says, "We've got big news".

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One curious bit mentions that "you can of course expect large-scale multiplayer in the next Battlefield - but Battlefield V takes it to the next level".

The game was officially revealed to have a single-player campaign in addition to multiple maps and modes for multiplayer. "This new game will advance the state of the art for the franchise, while still delivering the signature gameplay and Battlefield moments that have captivated and grown our global community". EA and DICE will be live streaming the reveal to the world via YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming services beginning at 4PM ET/1PM PT. I don't think that's terribly likely, but a battle royale mode?

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