Days Gone Will Take 30 Hours To Complete the Game

Federico Mansilla
May 10, 2018

Days Gone, the upcoming zombie shooter has had a lot of hype since its E3 reveal back in 2016 - unfortunately, besides two clips showing off the game, we haven't had much news surrounding the title besides a confirmed 2019 delay. The game is now aiming for a release next year and GameInformer are covering it with an exclusive look at the development of the game.

These comparisons between both games will also be some thing which Days Gonecreative manager John Garvin wants players to steer clear of. The interesting part of the interview was regarding the play time for Days Gone, which is reportedly going to take nearly as long as the recently released God of War or even Detroit: Become Human.

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According to John Garvin, it can take you around 30 hours to finish Days Gone, or even longer depending on the choices that you will make along the way, your experience is going to be different. Whereas Days Gone's more bombastic nature lets players use zombie armies and fight zombie bears, The Last of Us 2 has something of a more cinematic feel, as shown by the most recent The Last of Us 2 trailer. Speaking with Game Informer, the director at SIE Bend Studio responded to a series of quick-fire questions, confirming that he was sick of comparisons to The Last of Us before stating that it was unlike Naughty Dog's series - apart from a somewhat tongue-in-cheek answer that "it's a third person action-adventure game where you're killing creatures that aren't zombies".

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