'Golden State Killer' suspect Joseph DeAngelo scheduled to appear in court today

Federico Mansilla
Abril 28, 2018

Update: The Mercury Daily News is reporting that the lead investigator in the Golden State Killer case has confirmed which DNA company law enforcement used to track down the fugitive.

DeAngelo, who has been charged with eight counts of murder, is on suicide watch in the psychiatric ward of the county jail and has been muttering to himself, said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

In addition, police in the central California farming town of Visalia said Thursday that DeAngelo is now a suspect in a 13th killing and about 100 burglaries.

This serial killer is thought to have committed more than 50 rapes and 12 murders across California in the 1970s and 80s.

The Sacramento County district attorney's office would not confirm which genealogy sites investigators used and whether law enforcement relied on voluntary or involuntary cooperation from the company or companies. In 2017, law enforcement submitted 34 requests for non-genetic user information to Ancestry, which provided information to 31 of the requests for use in investigations into credit card misuse and identity theft, according to a company report cited by STAT.

Investigators set up surveillance in the tree-lined suburb where DeAngelo lived. DeAngelo spoke only a few words at the hearing, telling the judge very slowly in a feeble voice that he would accept a court-appointed attorney.

Suspected "Golden State Killer", Joseph James DeAngelo is the police officer on the right in a photo from 1979.An undated photo of alleged serial killer Joseph DeAngelo who served in the Navy in the 1960s.

Grippi told the newspaper that investigators spent a long period of time exploring online family trees before focusing the investigation on a suspect.

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Meanwhile, the Reddit forum devoted to following the Golden State Killer is already parsing through DeAngelo's history to see whether their armchair profiling was correct, pointing out that he had an athletic build in his late teens and he does bear a resemblance to the police sketch that circulated.

DeAngelo was sacked from his law enforcement job in 1979 for shoplifting a can of dog repellent and a hammer from a drugstore.

Between 1976 and 1978, he committed a wave of burglaries, rapes and killings in the Sacramento area, then centered his attacks in the East Bay before moving on to Ventura and Orange counties to the south, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Bruce Harrington constantly pushed California officials to use DNA testing, hoping it would help catch the man who killed his brother and sister-in-law almost 40 years ago.

McNamara died in her sleep in 2016 at 46.

The proposition gave the state broader powers to collect DNA.

During his interview with Seth Myers, Oswalt read a letter that McNamara had written to the Golden State Killer.

Police say, nevertheless, that they imagine he killed many extra individuals. Without knowing it, they may be helping law enforcement crack hard cases. "It was 15 years until we heard that there was a DNA sample taken from our scene", Harrington said.

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