QUIZ: Can you identify the Marvel movie from the iconic quote?

Federico Mansilla
Abril 27, 2018

While speaking on The Star Wars Show, Feige revealed the galaxy far, far away has heavily influenced how he and his team tackle stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The characters are among the most beloved to have ever graced our screens, the action sequences are unparalleled and the dialogue often seems more fitted to a prestige Oscar pic rather than a comic book movie adaption. Either way, fans can look forward to many more MCU and/or DCEU jokes from The Merc With a Mouth in the years ahead.

I'll tell you a secret: we have a really cool logo. We have 20 questions to test your knowledge and given you just six minutes to do it in. "Certain things he encounters in this movie sets him up for the path where we are 19 films later", Feige said. We may even hear about The Eternals film that was rumored. "'Eternals' is one of many many many things that we are actively beginning to have creative discussions about to see if we believe in them enough to put them on a slate", Feige said.

While reminiscing on the possibilities of what was once a fearless new world is pretty cool, I can't help but think of how commendable it is that Feige and company made it all work, even with the absence of Marvel's most recognizable characters.

Fans will have to wait until Deadpool 2 releases on May 18 to see who the other characters (we are expecting a few Logan references) will face Deadpool's witty nature. You might think you're ready for it, but chances are you haven't watched the likes of some of the lesser appreciated Marvel movies such as The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 or Thor: The Dark World in some time.

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"We wanted Nick Fury to be the character to intertwine characters, but we didn't want to interrupt the movie".

But the new trailer got some jaws dropping when Reynolds' X-Men character was seen taking a hilarious dig at the DC Universe.

Marvel released a video interview of Josh Brolin talking The Avengers: Infinity War and his character, the Mad Titan Thanos.

It's still not clear what will happen to the Deadpool franchise, should Marvel Studios ultimately get the X-Men movie rights back as planned. "It sort of backfired, if I'm honest with you, because the notion was to not talk about it so the focus was to be on [Infinity War]".

"There's no "What If" scenarios". There's not like, you know, some potential, a tangential reality. "And you'll only start to hear more and more of it".

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