Klopp calls for calm ahead of Champions League trip to Roma

Federico Mansilla
Abril 27, 2018

Jurgen Klopp has called for Liverpool supporters travelling to Rome to behave with sense and responsibility as he paid an emotional tribute to Sean Cox.

The family of the Liverpool fan who was attacked by a pair of Roma supporters prior to the first leg of the Champions League semi-final have released a statement detailing their devastation over the incident and hoping the victim will fully recover soon.

Jurgen Klopp sported a tricolour badge in a show of support to the Irish fan viciously assaulted outside Anfield this week.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of his team's Premier League match against Stoke on Saturday, Klopp said Mr Cox was in the thoughts of everyone at Liverpool.

The Daily Express has apologised for an article which alleged Liverpool fans should share the blame for the violence that occurred before the club's Champions League game with Roma.


"I cannot describe my emotions in English when I first heard about it, I still can't.


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"It should never happen in the future, we have to do everything to make sure things like that don't happen anymore". It's unbelievable that something like this can happen and it's hard to imagine how we all are. "All our thoughts and prayers are with Sean and his family at the moment".

'There are few really hard situations in the life of a manager.

"When you have a team capable of playing the joyous football Liverpool have for most of this season, how on earth are their fans always seemingly involved in such horrific altercations on big European nights". I've not been in a situation like that but everyone tells me it is quite hard there (Rome) - not the sports side, that is hard for sure but it is no problem - but about the rest I can't say anything as I never experienced like that.

"It's only football. I never understood people that don't get that", said the German.

Liverpool FC will take on AS Roma in the return leg in Italy on Wednesday night as they look to cement their place in the final against either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. If we win and go through, we will deserve it. "Around the stadium, nobody should think about anything else but the game".

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