Nigerian burnt alive by South African mob

Maricruz Casares
Abril 24, 2018

A Nigerian has been burnt to death in South Africa in a what appears to be the continuation of xenophobia attacks by citizens of the former apartheid enclave on foreigners.Confirming the attack, Mr. Habib Miller, the publicity Secretary of the Nigeria Union in South Africa who spoke with NAN in a telephone interview, said the victim, a native of Njikoka in Anambra State, was mobbed and killed in Rustenburg, North West Province.

Miller stated that the victim was murdered in cold blood over his accent and habit, which the mob supposedly found offensive.

He said: "The mob descended on him like a common criminal with all sorts of risky weapons in the presence of South African Police officers".

"Eyewitnesses say the victim beckoned for help from the police to intervene and help him, but they turned a blind eye. The mob chased and caught him, poured petrol on him and set him ablaze".

The spokesman said shortly after the mob left Nwaogu, some passers-by called emergency personnel, who took his charred body to the hospital.

"Four South African policemen are now in court for allegedly killing and maltreating Nigerians with embassy officials constantly present in court for the hearings".

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"If they are released and returned to the community, all houses of Nigerians living there will be burnt down".

She described Rustenburg as a particularly volatile area, saying 14 Nigerians are now in court on allegations of public violence and drugs. There was so much tension that even the Nigerian lawyers representing Nigerians had to be escorted to court by Diplomatic Police.

One user had demanded to know what was happening to Nigeria's citizenship diplomacy principle in the face of continued attacks on Nigerians, asking if it was not not yet time for reciprocity on South Africa.

Adama said: "They were having erroneous belief that some Nigerians were involved in drugs unfortunately the particular guy that was attacked was not involved in drugs he had his genuine business". They went to his shop on that fateful day, told him to bring the drug he was keeping. They attacked him, beat him to a coma and set him ablaze but was taken to the hospital where he died later. He has spoken with the Nigerian community, sent officers to calm down the situation.

"Tomorrow morning we are meeting on the matter with him". In fact, he has written a letter of protest to the South African authorities and waiting for their reaction.

"We are working collectively as the two missions in the country so as to be on the same page over the incident, in reacting to the issues". We are anxious that nothing has been done by the Nigerian government to stop the killings.

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