Lavrov: Russia has not tampered with the suspected attack site

Evarado Alatorre
Abril 18, 2018

The Environment Department says nine sites need "specialist cleaning", including a restaurant visited by the Skripals on March 4, the day they were found unconscious on a park bench in Salisbury, southern England.

It will begin with public buildings, including a police station and two ambulance stations.

Citing a report from the lab dated March 27, Lavrov said the evidence suggested the nerve agent used could be in the arsenal of the USA and Britain."This formulation was in the inventory of the United States, Britain and other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation states", Lavrov said at an assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy.

Defra's chief scientific adviser, Ian Boyd, said: "Thanks to detailed information gathered during the police's investigation, and our scientific understanding of how the agent works and is spread, we have been able to categorise the likely level of contamination at each site and are drawing up a tailored plan". Sergei Skripal, 66, remains in the city's hospital, though he is improving rapidly and no longer in a critical condition, doctors said in their last update on 6 April.

The UK blamed Russia for the poisoning, following which, it expelled 23 Russian diplomatic workers in retaliation.

The samples also revealed the presence of a poison nerve agent A234, he said.

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Almost 200 military personnel will help with the work, which is expected to take a number of months.

The poisoning has sparked a Cold War-style diplomatic crisis between Russian Federation and the West, including the expulsion of hundreds of diplomats from the two sides.

According to the Russian minister, in the report of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons the term "Novichok" is not mentioned at all.

Moscow has attempted to gain access to Yulia Skripal, but she has so far rejected offers of assistance from the Russian embassy.

BZ is a nerve agent temporarily disabling a person.

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