Storm causes 405 crashes, 911 spin-outs, road closures in Minnesota

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 17, 2018

Drivers in Minnesota are still dealing with the effects of the biggest April snowstorm in the state's history.

The Minnesota State Patrol updated its statewide crash totals, and said it has tallied 405 crashes from the beginning of Friday through 10 a.m. Sunday. The State Patrol also reported one fatal incident in Medina involving a pedestrian.

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The National Weather Service predicts 9 to 15 inches of snow across a large swath of southern Minnesota including the Twin Cities before it's all over. The previous record snowstorm was in 1983, when 13.6 inches of snow fell in the Twin Cities. Paul International Airport Monday morning, after the weekend's snowfall forced runways to shut down for hours and caused hundreds of flight cancellations.

Of those, 51 crashes involved injuries, two of them serious - one in Brainerd and one in St. Cloud. The State Patrol says that from Friday morning to Sunday evening, there were 630 crashes, 1,182 spin-outs and 20 jackknifed semis on Minnesota roads.

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