Statue of controversial gynecologist removed from NY's Central Park

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 17, 2018

April 16, city Council of NY made a decision to dismantle the monument to Dr. James Marino Sims in Central Park and moved to the Brooklyn cemeterywhere he is buried.

Sims was a 19th century surgeon who is considered a pioneer in the field of gynecology.

It was the first decision to alter a prominent NY monument since Mayor Bill de Blasio called for a review of "symbols of hate" from city property eight months ago, in the wake of the white supremacist protestin Charlottesville, Va., that left one person dead.

"It's about time!" shouted an African American woman, one of around two dozen people who attended the removal on Tuesday. He invented the speculum and pioneered a surgical technique for repairing a vesicovaginal fistula, a complication of obstructed childbirth.

The city's Public Design Commission voted unanimously to relocate the statue to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, where Sims is buried.

Protests over the statue broke out past year, and in August it was flagged in NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's call for a 90-day review of "symbols of hate on city property".

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Sims was also known for conducting experiments on enslaved black women without using anesthesia. "Sims is not our hero", shouted the others.

"Placing the sculpture near his grave site is not meant to glorify him", the president of Green-Wood, Richard J. Moylan, said in a statement. But what do you think about someone like Sims: should his statue come to Brooklyn, or should it be banished forever?

When the statue is put up in the cemetery, it will reportedly be accompanied by information about Sims' experiments and history. "These procedures were part of a shameful legacy of experimentation by white doctors on black bodies", said Tom Finkelpearl, the city's cultural affairs commissioner and the head of the monuments panel, according to NYDN.

A controversial statue was taken down in Central Park Tuesday.

Some argued that the statue shouldn't be relocated, but removed from NYC entirely.

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