Sir Patrick Stewart adds star power to Brexit referendum rally

Esequiel Farfan
Abril 17, 2018

Hundreds of supporters of the campaign were at the rally in Camden, north London, to hear speeches from Sir Patrick, Ms Soubry, Mr Umunna, Lib Dem MP Layla Moran and Caroline Lucas, a co-leader of the Green Party.

He said: "It is not Charles Xavier standing here in front of you - although I can assure you that if he was, he would have voted Remain".

"I think the best and right thing to do is to put it back to the people and have a say you can have a vote on this deal".

'Since the 2016 referendum, there has been a concerted effort by many - including government - to shut down debate about Brexit and to tell us that we should simply trust ministers to get on with it because Brexit is an irreversible process.

Opening the event, Sir Patrick, 78, told the crowd that he "will not stand idly by" whilst Britain's "future is at stake".

"That we shouldn't worry about the cost and complexity of it or the litany of broken promises".

The actor says his two iconic characters would be anti-Brexit, but Boris Johnson says we can live long and prosper outside the EU. Our country's future is at stake and we will not stand idly by.

MP Anna Soubry said: "Us MPs made a decision that we would have a referendum".

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He added: "They would have voted Remain".

"Also, this whole Punch and Judy, ultra-tribal kind of politics is over and Westminster hasn't caught up yet".

Chuka urged the Labour Party "to be true to its values" and support the People's Vote group.

A poll commissioned by the campaign group from pollsters Opinium found 52 per cent of voters either some what or strongly support "the public having a vote on the final deal", compared to 31 per cent who either some what or strongly oppose a second referendum. One of the them is Open Britain.

Speaking after about 1,000 opponents of Britain's exit from the European Union staged a "people power" rally in London, he said: "They are people who believe in the common interest, who have always had at heart the needs of everyone, not just an elitist few. They want a people's vote".

"The idea we are going to have a second referendum to overturn Brexit is worthy of science fiction".

Sir Patrick Stewart, the veteran actor widely known for his leading role in the Star Trek and X-Men franchises, today tried to shift the campaign for another Brexit referendum into warp speed.

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