Inmate: Bodies stacked in 'macabre woodpile' in prison riot

Maricruz Casares
Abril 17, 2018

Yesterday's deadly prison riot that claimed the lives of seven people in state custody was the nation's deadliest in a quarter century. Numerous injured and killed inmates were slashed, stabbed or beaten to death, according to the Lee County Coroner Larry Logan, who also mentioned the use of shanks in the riot. Stirling said they followed protocol by backing out and asking for support.

When a special swat team arrived, the inmates stopped fighting.

No prison guards were hurt during the incident.

Cellphones were a major factor in the riot, said Stirling.

The inmate said he and others traveled freely around the Bishopville prison overnight Sunday and Monday morning as the violence deepened. Cellphones helped stir up the trouble, and state officials urged the federal government to change a law and allow them to block the signals from prisoners' phones.

Seven inmates are dead and 17 are injured after the worst U.S. prison riot for 25 years. The remainder appeared to have been beaten, Lee County Coroner Larry Logan said.

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"If everybody has an uprising, you are always going to be understaffed", he said.

The maximum-security facility in Bishopville houses about 1,500 inmates and there were 44 guards there when the first fight started.

"It's an incredibly bad day in SC", said Senator Gerald Malloy, whose district includes Lee Correctional.

Two officers were stabbed at Lee Correctional in 2015. The facility is one of the state's highest-security prisons-a level three facility-holding some of the most risky prisoners of SC.

Mr Stirling said officials planned to meet next month with the phone industry to talk about solutions, but "until that's done, the folks that are incarcerated are going to continue their criminal ways from behind bars".

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