'Hotel Artemis' Trailer Reveals Star-Studded Sci-Fi Showdown

Esequiel Farfan
Abril 17, 2018

Did you love John Wick, but maybe wished it focused nearly exclusively on the Continental Hotel?

We wouldn't blame you for not knowing much about Hotel Artemis-it's an original movie, not based on any book or comic or theme park ride.

Jeff Goldblum, Zachary Quinto and Jodie Foster star in 'Hotel Artemis'. In Hotel Artemis, that idea is the titular hotel, which functions as a secret hospital for wounded criminals.

Hotel Artemis looks like an entertaining twist on John Wick's hotel for assassins. "Niagara's sudden arrival creates a violent clash among the criminals in the hospital, with one 'patient" having a particularly deadly motive for checking into the hotel. In this film, their trip to Artemis is only the beginning. Fans will get to see Sterling K. brown in an unusually sinister role and we're guessing he's ready to break some of the hospital rules that include everything from "don't kill anyone" to "no outside food or drink allowed".

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The film features Foster as a nurse in a members-only hospital for criminals in near-future Los Angeles.

Hotel Artemis, also starring Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista and Charlie Day, is set to hit U.S. theatres June 8.

The action-packed new trailer for upcoming thriller "Hotel Artemis" just dropped today, introducing a cool concept and a sprawling cast of characters played by a ridiculously star-studded roster of Hollywood talent.

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