Walking Dead's [SPOILER] Actually Survived the Season 8 Finale

Esequiel Farfan
Abril 16, 2018

Then continued "In many ways, Morgan leads both the original audience, and perhaps newer audiences, to Fear the Walking Dead because in some ways the show is seen through his eyes, just as we didn't have to follow Rick Grimes' police career before we watched The Walking Dead or we didn't have to see the beginning of Negan to follow him". As Negan was starting to listen, Rick reached out and slashed his throat with a piece of broken glass, wounding, but not killing him.

Answering the pleas of his late son, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) spared Negan's life, saying - in words teased earlier in the season - that "My mercy prevails over my wrath". The character is still very much around in the comics. Negan tells Rick that during that first encounter when he killed Glenn and Abraham, he made a choice to kill them.

"Rick was wrong to do what he did". But, she tells Jesus (Thom Payne) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), that Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) were wrong to keep Negan alive. Rick says they won't kill or hurt Negan, but rather he's going to rot in a cell for the rest of his life. And what became of those scenes of a red-eyed, tearful Rick from the season 8 premiere? This is him turning over a new leaf and deciding there's a different way forward....

I am pleased with the ending of season 8.

Rick hasn't been the greatest leader, it's true, but if Gimple and company think the way to win back fans is a survivor mutiny I think there's trouble ahead for more people than Rick.

Viewers now know that scenario is a possibility, although the finale shrewdly planted the seeds for future discord (this is a drama, after all), emanating from those who had been Rick's closing allies. It was a solid plan but it failed because they didn't anticipate just how committed Eugene was to his work. "So we're gonna bide our time, wait for our moment, and then we're gonna show him".

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Eugene also revealed to Rosita that it was his plan all along to sabotage Negan in some way.

Though James hasn't confirmed he's definitely making a return to "The Walking Dead", we imagine the conversation is one he's had with those in the know behind-the-scenes. Will the communities really be able to work together and grow into a new world?

There were still a couple of chances for director Greg Nicotero and his team to indulge themselves, including a firebomb assist from the Oceanside gang (everyone figured they'd show up eventually, right?) and the looming threat of a giant horde of walkers, all presumably drawn by the racket everyone has been making in the last season or so.

Morgan said at least one thing that made oodles of sense when he told Rick, "We are worse than we were, me and you" and that killing the Saviors in the bar was wrong.

Granted, The Whisperers are introduced in The Walking Dead comics by ambushing members of The Hilltop, but aside from the ambush, the similarities stop there outside of what I think might have been a slight nod to the fan theory by having Alicia disguise herself behind her hair until Althea approaches her. We knew that was going to be the final masterstroke.

Morgan's still not right: Somehow the sight of former Savior prisoners coming back to the Hilltop from a zombie-killing run got Morgan so worked up that he almost put his bo staff through young Henry's neck.

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