UK helped fake Syria gas attack: Russia

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 16, 2018

However, the World Health Organisation said on Wednesday it had received reports that hundreds of people had visited Syrian health facilities with "signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals" at the weekend. The Pentagon said it gave no explicit warning.

A joint military operation, possibly with France rather than the the lead, could send a message of international unity about enforcing the prohibitions on chemical weapons. Officials said this did not include giving Russian advance notice of where or when allied airstrikes would happen.

The United Nations Security Council met on Tuesday for an urgent discussion on Syria.

"Whenever the Syrian army achieves victory in the field, some western countries rise their voices and intensify their movements in an attempt to change the track of events", Assad said, according to SANA.

United States President Donald Trump has tweeted that Russia should be ready for a missile strike in Syria. Kelly Jean Kelly was the editor.

NBC News first reported the positive test.

Experts say it's possible for the US to hit Syrian targets while dodging Russian troops and avoiding a major escalation.

Peskov also said that all parties involved in Syria should refrain from actions that could destabilize the area.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the attack "necessary and appropriate".

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"Cabinet agreed on the need to take action to alleviate humanitarian distress and to deter the further use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime", Downing Street said after May held an emergency meeting with her top team. That did not mean military strikes would continue.

Both sides, then, see a potential existential threat in the Syrian conflict. What happens next, she said, is up to Assad and to his Russian and Iranian allies.

"On a strategic level, it's how do we keep this from escalating out of control, if you get my drift on that", he said.

When pressed, he acknowledged that some unspecified portion of Assad's chemical arms infrastructure was not targeted. "I suspect, however they'll think long and hard about it".

FILE - A child is treated in a hospital in Douma, eastern Ghouta in Syria, after what a Syria medical relief group claims was a suspected chemical attack April 7, 2018. He said the strikes were unlikely to curb the government's ability to produce or launch new attacks.

On Wednesday, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said "all options are on the table", suggesting the US may strike Russian assets in Syria.

Disputing the Russian military's contention that Syrian air defense units downed 71 allied missiles, McKenzie said no U.S. or allies missiles were stopped.

"Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria". He said the U.S. knew of no civilians killed by allied missiles.

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