City Clinch Premier League Title After United Slip Up

Jose Verdugo
Abril 16, 2018

To win 18 games in a row.

Certainly, Liverpool's heroics in both the Champions League and Premier League, swarming all over City for three victories this term, and Manchester United's 3-2 comeback win at the Etihad which delayed the coronation, dented the aura. But you can not deny that we were good this season. "In other times we almost threw it away".

Of course, the City players themselves were ecstatic, including full back Kyle Walker, who joined from Spurs last summer.

"We're looking forward to the celebrations, but first we have five important games to play and we want to win them all. That will give us a lot of points in the future".

But the Spaniard says the 1-0 victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in September, with Kevin de Bruyne scoring the only goal, was the watershed moment. The trophy is a well-deserved reward for their dominant performances, and they look set to break even more records with 5 games more to play. "I think winning in Stamford Bridge gave us the confidence that we can do that". After consistently using #sharkteam in his social media posts, he explained to The Telegraph previous year it was because he believes City are the "big shark and when teams swim up alongside us we gobble them up".

"But in general we were so stable".

"They won because they were the best team, they lost only a few points". Every club does. His imprint in just two seasons has already been huge, vastly improving youthful talent like Raheem Sterling, John Stones, Leroy Sane and Gabriel Jesus, none of whom are older than 23.

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"Okay, Sergio [Aguero] is a genius, a top player but about 30-years-old". "So we won with guys that are so young".

Other players, analysts and broadcasters congratulated the champions, with varying degrees of joy and despair.

Manchester City won the Premier League title Sunday, after West Bromwich Albion beat Manchester United.

"Wednesday afternoon we will be back".

"We were masters in complicated football, everything was complicated", said Mourinho.

Acquiring a hard-working but relatively average squad which finished 9th in the league in 2007-08 season, the ADUG immediately sanctioned big money purchases for the team, and have continued to invest heavily in the transfer market ever since.

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