Air strikes on Syria will not change course of war - Johnson

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 16, 2018

The British Foreign Secretary insists yesterday's missile strikes were exclusively about the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons.

"Entirely the right thing to do".

The Foreign Secretary thanked the worldwide community for its support of the strikes, adding: "It's very important to stress, this is not an attempt to change the tide of the war in Syria, have a regime change or get rid of Bashar al-Assad".

"I'm afraid that is the unhappy corollary of this that if we say we're limiting our action to chemical weapons... then, of course, it follows that the rest of the Syrian war must proceed as it will", Johnson told BBC television.

The Foreign Secretary said Saturday's military action was necessary to show Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that the use of chemical weapons would not be tolerated.

"The erosion of that taboo that has been in place for 100 years has gone too far under Bashar al-Assad, and it was time that we said no".

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Prime Minister Theresa May is set to face British lawmakers to explain her decision to launch airstrikes against Syria without a vote in Parliament.

"We are confident in our own assessment that the Syrian regime was highly likely responsible for this attack and that its persistent pattern of behaviour meant that it was highly likely to continue using chemical weapons".

Labour is calling for a "War Powers Act" that would enshrine in law the need for the Government to seek Parliamentary approval before launching military action.

However, the security sources also told the Sunday Times that the United Kingdom would consider launching its own retaliatory cyber attacks against Russian Federation if its national infrastructure was targeted by the Kremlin.

Downing Street last night published its legal position on the airstrikes, arguing that there was "no practicable alternative to the use of force", and justifying the bombing on humanitarian grounds.

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