Russian Federation accuses Boris Johnson of 'distorting' OPCW findings on Skripals

Maricruz Casares
Abril 15, 2018

Despite initial fears that they would not survive, Yulia Skripal was released from hospital to an undisclosed location earlier this week, while her father is said to be improving rapidly.

The BBC's diplomatic correspondent James Landale said: "This is understood to strengthen the argument that this substance came from Russian Federation because it is more likely to have been created by a state actor with the capability to make the nerve agent".

"We will now work closely with our partners to clarify grotesque use of this weapon and convene OPCW council to discuss next steps", Johnson said Thursday through a statement collected by Reuters. The letter was also sent to the EU. The embassy, which for weeks has offered a stream of caustic commentary about the incident, quickly suggested that her statement had been fabricated or coerced.

The dossier was published on a day when Britain, the USA and France were making final preparations for a strike on Syria's Russian-backed dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Moscow strongly dismissed these charges, saying that neither the Soviet Union nor Russian Federation had ever had programs for research into this substance.

"As for "intelligence", it should be remembered that the United Kingdom has a vast record of misleading the government and the public, which entailed catastrophic consequences", the embassy said. The letter read: 'It is highly likely that the Russian intelligence services view at least some of its defectors as legitimate targets for assassination. Novichok (Russian for "newcomer") was originally developed and created by the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 80s.

Russian hackers are preparing the release of "embarrassing information" on British MPs, ministers and other high-ranking politicians, including Prime Minister Theresa May. "It is unlikely that Novichoks could be made and deployed by non-state actors (eg a criminal or terrorist group), especially at the level of purity confirmed by OPCW".

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"We know what's in the Russian playbook, kompromat (embarrassing information) type material, we're all prepared for that". Alexander Yakovenko told reporters.

In the mid-2000s, Putin was closely involved in the chemical weapons programme, he added.

It also received parts of samples taken by the British authorities which were analysed in OPCW-designated laboratories for "comparative purposes".

The Skripals were found slumped on a bench in the English city of Salisbury on March 4.

"If someone was spying, why were the British services not complaining about that?"

The findings were welcomed by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who said they backed Britain's assertion that only Russian Federation could have carried out the attack in March.

'They are being supported by experts and specialists.

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