German billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub vanishes on Alps ski trip

Galtero Lara
Abril 11, 2018

The billionaire chief of Germany's sprawling Tengelmann retail group has gone missing while skiing in the Swiss Alps, the company said today, although searchers have not given up hope of finding him.

Karl-Erivan Haub, heir to the Germany-based Tengelmann supermarket empire, failed to return from a ski trip Saturday near Switzerland's famous Matterhorn Peak, which shares a border with Italy.

There has been no news on his whereabouts, a Tengelmann spokeswoman said today.

Mr Haub, 58, was skiiing on his own in an area with glaciers and there are fears he could have fallen into a crevasse.

"The big problem is it's not known specifically where he went missing", Jelk told the AP by phone. I'd say he must have fallen into a crevasse but there are a lot of them and it's hard to know which one'.

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The head of mountain rescue services in Italy's Aosta valley, Adriano Favre, was quoted by Blick as saying that bad weather and high avalanche risk on the Italian side forced a six-person team to interrupt their search Tuesday.

Swiss rescue service Air Zermatt said it had no new information Wednesday afternoon but their search was ongoing.

Haub - who was created in Tacoma, Washington - and his brother Christian have headed the organization since 2000. The family's fortune is estimated at over $3.7 billion.

The Tengelmann group owns a number of retail chains and other businesses in Germany, including the Kik low-priced clothing stores and OBI home improvement outlets.

The rescue team has been unable to use a helicopter because of the weather, Milan added, but the search will not be called off.

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