TCL promised, now there's hope for a Palm phone on Verizon

Federico Mansilla
Marcha 29, 2018

Palm devices were discontinued back in 2011 (the pain is still fresh) and HP sold the company to TCL in 2015.

Verizon may launch a new Palm device in the second half of this year, an anonymous source told Android Police. It may end up as a United States exclusive device, considering that Verizon was a big partner for the Palm brand back in the days, with the telco carrying numerous brand's product up to the Palm Pre 2.

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Palm was one of the earliest maker of the Personal Digital Assistant, also known as the PDA.

TCL has been in the process of resurrecting the BlackBerry brand since it acquired the license in late 2016. The handset will run Android but that's pretty much the extent of available information at this point. However with TCL's global presence and marketing, the Palm brand may see a resurgence as a niche name once again.

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