NVIDIA announces real time ray tracing tech, prepare for cinematic quality graphics

Federico Mansilla
Marcha 19, 2018

NVIDIA's working on some new tech, and it's something game developers have a reason to be excited about. Ray tracing can be used to add quality and accuracy to rendering techniques that are hard to achieve with traditional rasterization techniques.

Remedy, one of the few developers that have access to this API has shared the following screenshot, showing this new DXR API in full effect.

"Integrating NVIDIA RTX technology into our Northlight engine was a relatively straightforward exercise". An NVIDIA Highlights SDK is being released publicly and will be supported by Unreal Engine and Unity, for instance, while GeForce Experience will now allow users to save their Shadowplay Highlights in GIF format.

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"Remedy has accomplished something very exciting in a short amount of time using NVIDIA RTX on Microsoft's DXR". By making such powerful technology available to the game development community with the support of the new DirectX Raytracing API, NVIDIA is the driving force behind the next generation of game and movie graphics. 'Developing exclusively on Nvidia RTX, we were surprised just how quickly we were able to prototype new lighting, reflection and ambient occlusion techniques, with significantly better visual fidelity than traditional rasterization techniques. Gamers are in for something special'.

Part of the Nvidia RTX announcement is GameWorks for Ray Tracing, whereby the Nvidia GameWorks SDK will be upgraded with a ray-tracing denoiser module, a suite of tools created to enable game developers to leverage the abilities of the Microsoft DXR API and Nvidia RTX. The new technology is clearly now aimed at developers-Nvidia also announced a new GameWorks SDK for Ray Tracing that provides a suite of resources for game devs to integrate ray-traced area shadows, glossy reflections, and ambient occlusion into their titles. AMD remains at the forefront of new programming model and application programming interface (API) innovation based on a forward-looking, system-level foundation for graphics programming.

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