Richard Meier Accused of Sexual Harassment

Esequiel Farfan
Marcha 14, 2018

The New York Times reported today that architect Richard Meier has been accused of sexual harassment by five women, four of whom worked for his firm, Richard Meier & Partners.

According to the Times, Meier's accusers include four women who worked for the Pritzker Prize victor and a fifth who says Meier harassed her in his home during a dinner party.

The Pritzker Prize victor founded Richard Meier & Partners Architects, a firm that has done work for The Hague, the Getty Center in in Los Angles, and is responsible for a glass tower on Prospect Park that overlooks Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza. "While our recollections may differ, I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by my behavior", he said in a statement. Alexis Zamlich, who did not speak to the Times due to a confidentiality agreement, received $150,000 to settle her claims that Meier exposed himself to her at his apartment, the paper reported. The company also instituted a sex-harassment training that Meier had to attend, Johnson said.

Accuser Trimble Elbogen, 26, said the then-75-year-old Meier invited her to his apartment in 2009, where he plied her with wine and showed her photos of nude women before asking her to undress so he could snap some photos.

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A third woman said in an interview with The Times that Meier grabbed her underwear through her dress at a firm holiday party, and a fourth said he asked her to undress at his apartment so she could be photographed. She left and later told management, according to the Times.

Carol Vena-Mondt, a furniture designer who worked on the Getty in the 1980s, said she was invited by Meier to what she thought was a dinner party, but she turned out to be the only guest. She said the architect tried to kiss her, dragged her down a hallway and then pushed her onto the bed, despite her objections.

Meier won the coveted Pritzker Prize in 1984 and was awarded a gold medal in architecture from the Academy of Arts and Letters in 2008. He also created a graduate scholarship at his alma mater Cornell University - ironically to "recruit and retain the most talented women applicants".

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