Mozilla launches Firefox Quantum for enterprises

Ceria Alfonso
Marcha 14, 2018

The last overhaul of Firefox was just a few months ago, with the release of Firefox 57 'Quantum.' Mozilla today released version 59 of the beloved web browser, across all platforms.

The new browser has been tailored to the needs of IT professionals to provide a faster and safer browsing experience while at the same time allowing IT administrators to have full control over how it is configured and deployed. For its latest update, Firefox 59, the changes included aren't quite as drastic, but Mozilla has managed to throw in some further performance gains and additional little features that could come in handy.

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Starting with v59, Firefox for Android is now an Assist App. Mozilla also has direct APK downloads here.

IT administration has also been simplified to allow IT professionals to quickly configure and deploy Firefox Quantum for Enterprise.

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