Another Pakistani diplomat harassed in New Delhi

Evarado Alatorre
Marcha 14, 2018

Modi govt seemed failed in putting a leash on officials of its spy agencies for the past several days.

The senior Pakistani diplomat stressed that Iran and Pakistan will always continue to work very closely to make sure that they work for a mutual benefit.

Reportedly, an Indian vehicle intercepted a Pakistani diplomat's auto and a person clicked pictures of the envoy before speeding away in the auto.

Children of a Pakistani diplomat were subjected to harassment in the second incident as the vehicle they were travelling in was intercepted on a busy highway of the Indian capital. In a note verbale, the Pakistan high commission alleged the children were harassed and blocked by Indian authorities while they were on their way to the British School.

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Although India hasn't responded to the official communication from the Pakistan high commission, government sources said that the incident and the charges are getting investigated.

Following the recent escalation in incidents of such nature, sources said the Pakistani diplomats, their children and families were finding it hard to stay in New Delhi due to the intimidating behaviour of the Indian authorities.

According to the diplomatic sources, a total of around 500 to 600 Pakistanis including 104 officials and staffers at the high commission and their family members are now stationed in the Indian capital. On the other hand, Pakistan issued a demarche to India saying it was becoming hard for its diplomats to function in Delhi.

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