Shah Rukh Khan's daughter's first project is a magazine shoot

Esequiel Farfan
Marcha 13, 2018

Though Suhana is busy with her schooling in London at the moment, she will soon be prepping for a magazine shoot.

And while everyone's waiting for Suhana to take over the silver screen just like father SRK, her mother Gauri Khan has finally spilled beans about her debut project. But on the sidelines of an award show, mommy Gauri Khan revealed that Suhana is now shooting for a magazine but she refused to disclose the name of the magazine. The best part is that she doesn't want to learn (acting) from me. The humble teenager has grown into a handsome young lady, whom her parents are extremely proud of and wish nothing more than her success.

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Suhana Khan magazine shootShah Rukh Khan said that:"Suhana wants to be an actress". Having a second sculpted figure truly marks his ultimate popularity and love of his fans for him especially towards the famous signature pose, which is a classic romantic pose in the Indian film industry. So many teenager girls look her fashion sense and style and want to see her in films one day. But my point is simple - you need to complete your education before doing anything.

However, he added that Suhana needs to be prepared for the pay gaps that female actors go through: "She can be an actor if she has the passion and guts to work five times harder than me and get paid 10 times less than I do, if times don't change for women actors. That's the only thing I have told my children". "I will be supportive of whatever they want to do".

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