Leonardo Presents its New Marlin 40 Naval Defence System At DIMDEX 2018

Evarado Alatorre
Marcha 13, 2018

Gulf Bridge International (GBI), a cloud, connectivity and content enabler, is participating in the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (Dimdex).

Leonardo has unveiled a naval gun mount system created to integrate with small and fast vessels built for patrol operations. The gun features a dry weight of only 2,100 kg in its remotely controlled version, high maneuverability (the barrel can move at 120°/s thanks to powerful and accurate servo-systems), and the ability to fire multi-purpose programmable fused ammunition.

The Deputy Emir also toured DIMDEX 2018 during which he was briefed on the maritime defense equipment of the participating companies, the techniques and modern equipment in defense capabilities, maritime security and military manufacturing of maritime shipbuilding companies, manufacturing and supplying companies of navigational technology systems, communication systems, radars, missiles and maritime mines, defense systems, electronic warfare and other maritime industries and services.

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Leonardo has delivered more than 850 40-millimeter naval gun mounts to 30 naval organizations globally.

The Marlin 40s high performance, flexibility and low weight make it the ideal solution for a ships main armament and/or secondary armament, providing valuable protection from maneuverable threats both in the air and on the surface (AAW, ASuW). As a single entity from January 2016, organised into seven business divisions (Helicopters; Aircraft; Aero-structures; Airborne & Space Systems; Land & Naval Defence Electronics; Defence Systems; Security & Information Systems), Leonardo operates in the most competitive worldwide markets by leveraging its areas of technology and product leadership.

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