'American Idol' contestant's Selena rendition has judges dancing

Esequiel Farfan
Marcha 13, 2018

"We gotta get you one of those good ol' boys, Katy, you keep dating them damn weirdos".

So who won the singing competition competition??

Perry kept up the self-deprecating humor throughout the episode, joking with Bryan and Richie that she was "looking for a date".

When she isn't sharing her special, unique talent of looking like a frog, the 32-year-old pop star is taking her responsibilities as a judge incredibly serious on the show.

The pair both started dancing with her, but Katy stole the show when she took a tumble. Powerful vocalist, Christina Jones, wows the judges with a rendition of "The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me", too, and all three teen artists are through to Hollywood. Going to Hollywood.in 2026Yes, there is a a minimum age to audition for American Idol.

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The classic American Idol censor graphic hovered over Perry's bottom as she laid on the floor and jokingly struggled to get up.

And just like that Mara, a 15-year-old phenom from Galloway Township in Atlantic County, was on to Hollywood with her coveted Golden Ticket.

Perry kept up with flirtatious attitude with a couple of other contestants who made it through to Hollywood, including one hopeful named William Casanova who said he "sells shoes to lovely women".

They were Misha Gontar, a 26-year-old MRI technologist from Marengo, IL; Autumn Woods, a 27-year-old library clerk from Katy, TX; "Hank the Businessman", a 22-year-old delivery driver from Pittsburgh, PA; Neshia Ruffins, a 25-year-old singer from New Orleans; and Jonathan Herman, a 23-year-old content analyst from Austin, TX. It was then that Sussett asked the judges to stand up and dance with her. The producers liked her personality enough to put her in an interstitial Macy's commercial with Ryan Seacrest. It was a no. Both shows aired from 8-to-10 p.m. NBC points out The Voice ratings didn't budge much from last week, either.

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