Apple Updates MFi Logos

Federico Mansilla
Marcha 12, 2018

Instead of the 3 different Apple device logos, it's been simplified to a single black Apple icon. The Apple Watch continues to have its own "Made For" program and logo, used for third-party bands and other accessories, and thus isn't included in the new MFi design. Another change is that the iPhone is now listed first, and the iPod last, a subtle indication that the smartphone has become a much more prominent product for Apple over the aging music player. However, there's been some recent gossip going around that the MFi logo will change soon and all the certified third-party accessories are required to modify the MFi logo on all their products in the future.

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Today, Apple has reportedly started notifying manufacturers about a slight change to the "Made For i" (MFi) program logos, which have been updated with new graphics. The logos are meant to give confirmation to consumers that the product is an official, Apple-approved accessory for respective devices. Apple provides the logo to accessory makers to put on their packaging when selling to consumers. For example, you'll see the logos on cases, docks and Lightning cables.

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